четвъртък, 22 ноември 2012 г.

Welcome to Bodil40's official Blog!

On this homepage you can find a banner for each of my maps and when you click it you'll be redirected to the map's page. From there you can download it, play it, enjoy it, check out the MCForums topic etc.

Most of my maps are parkour maps filled with TROLL jokes. I love messing around with people and that's what will happen to you, if you play my maps :)  You'll most likely have fun, but get frustrated at the same time.

All of my maps have only positive reviews. My goal is to make you have fun and if you like my content maybe subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me around :)

 So here are my maps!

Epic Jump Map v1.1 - My first map! It's a bit harder than my other maps, but you can do it! I'll be staying there hidden, trolling you :)

Epic Jump Map v2.0 - The sequel of EJM v1.1. It's more epic, more memorable and more innovative, but a bit shorter!

Epic Jump Map: Halloween Curse - The halloween special epic jump map. It IS scary. It can be frustrating. I still troll-a-bit, but just a bit :) It's an interesting map and in fact it's also my first map in which I've used texture pack :)

Operation: Recovery of the sacred Cake - This map has nothing to do with Epic Jump Map v1.1/v2.0 or Halloween edition, but it's a fun adventure map. It's still parkour/action map, but this time we've used more creepers and more adventure stuff than jumping. Anyways it's still a parkour map, because a big part of it is jumping, but there're more puzzles and adventure/action challenges!

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